Fairy Pools Hike

Fairy Pools Hike Isle Of Skye Scotland

Hike the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

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On our recent trip to Scotland in July we spent 4 nights on the beautiful Isle of Skye. One of our priorities was a Fairy Pools Hike. We drove from Portree to Glenbrittle, at the foot of the Cuillen Mountains. It took us about 30 minutes from Portree.

The day was very overcast, cold and rainy, and as this hike was the first for our day, we arrived around 9 am. It wasn’t very crowded at all. We parked (for a small fee) and walked across the road. After a minimal distance, we found some small waterfalls. We then continued up the hill and eventually started seeing the large ones. Overall, the hike was very easy; however there are several small streams to cross carefully across slippery rocks. Just take your time. The day we were there it was also very muddy.

The Fairy Pools path climbs gradually up the hill alongside a series of beautiful waterfalls, streams and pools. With the rain the waterfalls were really strong. You can easily maneuver closer to the falls and pools at most points on the path. They were very beautiful and it was an easy hike of about a mile and a half. Allow at least 40 minutes for the Fairy Pools hike. It was hard not to take pictures and videos at each waterfall, as they were all so beautful!

The Isle of Skye is absolutely beautiful and the Fairy Pools are not to be missed. I even found an arrowhead at one point, but didn’t want bad juju from the “fairies,” so I just took a picture with it and put it back down. Please watch the quick video above to see just how absolutely beautiful and easy the Fairy Pools Hike can be.

For an overview of the hike, go to Isle of Skye Tourist Information.

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