Sandals Grenada

woman with monkey on shoulder from Sandals Grenada Dune Buggy excursion

Get spoiled at this amazing all-inclusive, adults-only resort

Grenada was our second all-inclusive, adults-only Sandals visit (the first was Sandals Royal Plantation). This fabulous destination is on the beautiful and friendly island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Sandals Grenada is a top-notch resort with amazing service, incredible food, and beautiful facilities. 

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Arrival in Grenada

We flew in to Grenada’s small airport from Miami and got through customs and immigration fairly quickly. Proceeding outside, we went to the Sandals Desk, where we gave them our names and they gave us luggage tags. We waited until another couple got there and then got in to the Sandals Shuttle. We waited maybe 20 minutes once we were at the desk. The ride to the resort is less than 10 minutes. However, even though the resort is so close to the airport, we never heard any airplane noise at the resort.

Check-In at Sandals Grenada

We entered the open-air lobby and were escorted to the Club Sandals Lounge to check in on an iPad. There were several concierges there, and because we had a club-level room we were able to make all of our dining reservations at that time with them. Super easy. We were then taken on a tour of the resort and shown our room.

bedroom and sitting area of Pink Gin honeymoon penthouse room
The Pink Gin Oceanfront Honeymoon Penthouse Club Level Room bedroom and sitting area. The open door leads to a very small balcony. This room has fabulous oceanfront views.

Our Room at Sandals Grenada—the First One

Because we are balcony people and love having a beautiful view of the sea, we had booked a Pink Gin Oceanfront Honeymoon Penthouse Club Level Room. We don’t like people walking by in front of us so we chose Penthouse level–which also has the best views. The room was a good size. It had a dining area, very comfortable king-sized bed, and a beautiful spa bathroom. It also had a large closet with a safe. The balcony was, however, a bit small. It only had room for two small chairs and a very small table. We had a good view of the ocean, and enjoyed drinks, morning coffee, and snacks out there. You really couldn’t eat a meal on the balcony, as the table was very small and low.

sink and bathroom of Pink Gin Oceanfront room
The beautiful spa bathroom in the Pink Gin room. The door to the left is to the toilet area, the shower is on the right.

The Beach at Sandals Grenada

Sandals Grenada sits on beautiful Pink Gin Beach. The resort has two large coves and the water is very calm and beautiful. The sand is very nice, and they have plenty of loungers. We never had a problem getting ones with umbrellas, but we did get up super early to do so. In addition, there are vendors on the beach, but they usually leave you alone after you tell them you are not interested. Each cove has large floating water rings, which are great places to float and relax.

jetty, cliffs, ocean and sunset from the pier at Sandals Grenada
From the pier, we saw beautiful sunsets beside the gorgeous cliffs at the end of the property. Sandals Grenada has great seating out there for enjoying pre-dinner drinks and the view.

Water Sports at Sandals Grenada

The Dive Center is wonderful and they are all very helpful there. We used paddle boards and took the hour-long glass bottom boat tour. Make sure you sign up in advance, preferably on your first day for best availability.

On our last day I finally convinced my Navy husband to go out on a Hobie Cat with me. He always says that he has spent too much time on boats and avoids them! The instructor went with us and taught us how to sail. The next time we go, we are going to go out every day with an instructor until we feel comfortable going out on our own. The Dive Shop monitors and watches everyone using water sports equipment, so if you get trapped and start going out to sea, they will come rescue you! We are not scuba divers, but the dive boat was constantly going out with lots of divers.


Sandals Grenada has a great swim-up bar at the party pool. It is always busy and the service is very good, very friendly and quick. The pizza place is right by the pool, so you can easily grab a pizza and drinks and sit in the shade (or sun).

You can also take your pizza over by the “Living Room” area, which has another very large pool on the beach. This pool has a sunken seating area and fire pit in the middle of it. It is beautiful at night to sit there. In the middle of the resort by this pool is the covered Living Room Bar, which has couch swings, lots of comfortable seating, restrooms, and small intimate rooms like the library. The bar is great and has wonderful service. 

Finally, on the beach is a Bar and Grill, which has steps that lead down to the beach. Beach bar service is available for most of the day on the beach and they are timely and attentive. 

Dining at Sandals Grenada

With club level rooms you can order room service from 7am to 10 pm. Butler level has 24 hour room service. The room service menu is, to me, a little limited, but it is good for breakfast and for snacks while you are getting ready to go out to dinner.

The restaurants at Sandals Grenada are very, very good and they have an extensive selection to suit anyone’s taste. For quick food, there is the Pizzeria as well as Cafe de Paris for ice cream, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and coffees. 

On the beach is Neptunes, where you can eat lunch or dinner right next to the beach. 

They also have Soy, a sushi place, Spices for Caribbean food, and the Tipsy Turtle for British Pub food and a great bar atmosphere.

Our favorites were Butch’s Steakhouse (fabulous steaks and atmosphere), Cucina Romana (loved their Italian food and breakfast), and Le Jardinier (French with a fancy atmosphere and also a good breakfast).

Our most enjoyable dinner was probably Kimonos. Wow! This Japanese steakhouse was the best we have ever been to, in terms of the BEST chef for our table. He was so much fun, did all sorts of extra stuff (like having us each try to spin a raw egg and then toss it three times on a spatula, and then crack it). The food was excellent and the entertaining chef was incredible. We really enjoyed that evening.

Our (Second) Room

As we walked around the resort and looked at all of the rooms, we decided we would like to tour the Italian Oceanview Penthouse 1 Br. SkyPool Butler Suite. We went to the Loyalty office and asked if there were any available to tour. She arranged a visit for us on the second day, and can I just say, WOW. We were floored. It had incredible views, a beautiful private infinity pool, a balcony soaking tub, comfortable living room and dining room area, kitchen/butler area, and a beautiful bedroom with a huge spa bathroom.

Balcony seating area and soaking tub and view of resort and ocean from Italian Oceanview Skypool suite
View from the Skypool Suite of the balcony, soaking tub, and the gorgeous Caribbean Sea
romantic decorated by butlers bed in Italian Oceanview skypool
The bedroom of the Skypool Suite. The bed is very comfortable, has luxurious bedding, and an incredible view. It has doors which lead to direct access to your infinity pool on the balcony.
morning view from bed of ocean and resort from Italian oceanview skypool suite
The morning view from the bed–the infinity pool, the small hill, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Worth the Upgrade

My husband asked if the Suite would be available for the rest of our stay, and it was. They gave us a bit of a deal on it, too. So we moved in on our third day and spent two nights in that incredible room. It came with a Butler, so we received even more top-notch service. He made sure we had designated loungers under an umbrella in the spot we wanted on the beach, a cooler full of drinks on the beach, and he brought us our lunch out there (pizza again, don’t judge). Our butler group (there were three that switched off) also made my birthday celebration night unforgettable, with a rose-petal decorated soaking tub prepared when we came back from the beach, and then a special dinner from Butch’s Steakhouse in our dining area, along with my favorite flavor of birthday cake.

woman in skypool with champagne at Sandals Grenada in Italian Oceanview Skypool suite
Me, enjoying the lighted skypool, champagne, and the incredible sunset from the Skypool Suite.
view of resort and ocean from skypool and balcony of Italian Oceanview skypool suite at Sandals Grenada
Sunset view from the infinity pool and looking out of the bedroom doors of the Skypool Suite.

This room is truly a special treat, but was so worth the upgrade for a few days. There were, however, lots of doves who loved to hang out by the infinity pool and do some business in there, so you have to get over that. The pool was a little chilly in January but I was determined to use it and I did! The balcony was huge and it had very comfortable seating. The balcony tub was to us at first silly, but then after we used it we were sold on the idea.

living room area of Italian Oceanview skypool suite at Sandals Grenada
The living room area of the Skypool Suite.

The spa bathroom is very large, and has a soaking tub, a great shower, and two sinks. There is also a great makeup area with a chair right outside the bathroom.

soaking tub in bathroom of Italian Oceanview skypool suite at Sandals Grenada
The incredible spa bathroom in the Skypool Suite. To the left of the soaking tub is the toilet area, to the right is a great shower.

Party Vibe at Sandals Grenada

We met some nice couples on the shuttle ride to the resort as well as on the beach, and enjoyed talking with everyone. There wasn’t much of a party vibe when we were there, although we didn’t really seek out a party. We enjoyed the Chocolate Night, where they had a really great selection of delicious treats. We also enjoyed watching Caribbean dancers one evening, but we truly loved sitting on our balcony and enjoying the sounds of nighttime and each other.

Excursions Through Sandals Grenada

We took a 4 hour dune buggy tour through Sandals Excursions one afternoon. A group of two couples followed a lead dune buggy around the island and tried raw chocolate off of a tree. Our guide showed us nutmeg and other spices growing on the island, too. We went to the waterfalls, were able to pose for photos with a monkey on our shoulders, and watched guys jump off of the top of the falls into the pools beneath. I recommend taking this tour, as you go all over the island and get to see most of the main sites, including the rainforest, marinas, and mud trails.

woman with monkey on shoulder from Sandals Dune Buggy excursion
There’s a monkey on my shoulder! We encountered this fun opportunity on our Dune Buggy Island Tour excursion at the Waterfalls area. He was really heavy!
couple in front of waterfalls Sandals Grenada dune buggy excursion
In front of the waterfalls during our Dune Buggy Excursion. It was a great, fun way to see almost all of the island. Locals will even jump off of the top into the pool below for you…for a good tip, of course. Talk about a fun job!


Sandals turns the fire pits off at night pretty early, if I remember correctly around 10 pm. We would have liked to have sat there longer with drinks after dinner. The beach is usually pretty uncrowded, and people seemed to love the main party pool. That was were the action was. I guess since we didn’t go there much we didn’t really see much “party action.” There were also some animated volleyball games going on during the day. If you are looking for a party atmosphere, it was pretty tame here but perfect for us. In addition, the Pink Gin balconies were a bit small, so don’t expect to spend a lot of time on them. Finally, the Skypool Suite pool was chilly and had lots of bird action, but you can call our butler and they will have someone come clean it.

man and view of beach and resort from the pier at Sandals Grenada
View from the seating area on the pier. You can see the beach, Italian Village area in the center, and Pink Gin area on the left. The Living Room area and Bar is the low, red-roofed building on the right. The Pink Gin Pool is between that and the beach.


My husband and I LOVED this Sandals resort. Before we visited, we thought we only liked small and intimate resorts, but we really liked this larger one. At Sandals Grenada, you can be as active or reclusive as you want, so it is a great fit for us. The food was excellent, the pools and beach were great, and the service was always friendly, attentive and top-notch. I would love to go to Sandals Grenada again. But…so many Sandals….so little time! 

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